Transforming agriculture

and food industry for net zero

By developing unique emission-reducing agricultural technologies and giving farmers the ability to utilize them via a sharing economy, we are delivering a new sustainable food category to consumers and offering food processors a sustainable sourcing solution.

Unique emission-reducing
agricultural technologies

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The use of fossil fuels on farms, the digestive processes of livestock, and emissions from soils in crop production are the biggest sources of emissions in agriculture. We develop technological solutions to address all of them.

We created the world’s first biomethane and electric tractor for professional use – the AUGA M1. During the busy season, the AUGA M1 will replace as much fossil fuel use in one month as the average diesel-powered passenger car consumes in its lifetime. Tractors from the first production batch are now in the field-testing stage and we are also developing other sustainably powered agricultural machinery for all essential farming operations.

AUGA’s unique biomethane processing and delivery cycle is already operational: by making sustainable fuel and energy from manure and crop residues, we are helping to curb emissions from all agricultural production.

Our specialised feed technology will reduce emissions from cattle. The technology is at the prototype stage and already shows promising results. We estimate that emissions per unit of milk produced can be cut by half.

Sharing economy platform
for farmers

Although agriculture accounts for over 20% of global emissions, farmers face challenges in transitioning to more sustainable practices: about half the arable land in Europe and the U.S. is worked by small farms, farmers are aging, and they have limited access to technology. These farmers will not change on their own.

AUGA’s solution is to give farmers an opportunity to embrace change and utilize technologies through a sharing economy and the AUGA farmer community.

Using a franchise-based community model, we will support farmers with know-how, leverage combined purchasing power for supplies and farming inputs, offer wider access to capital, and ensure streamlined operations through a digital farm management tool.

With precise measurement and documentation of CO2eq emissions along the value chain, agricultural produce will have validated reduced emissions from operations certificates.

This is a flexible and scalable operational model that can be applied in any geography. It will enable local farmers to earn more and produce sustainable raw materials for processing close to their source.

Food with no cost to

Consumers are increasingly expressing their desire to choose more sustainable food. At the same time, the consumption of animal proteins continues to grow, clearly indicating that alternatives are not enough, and sustainable familiar food is the key to fight climate change.

While implementing the AUGA sustainable farming standard and unique emission-reducing agricultural technologies, we have created a new sustainable food category that empowers consumers to make an impact without having to change their eating habits. We have already entered the market with the AUGA ‘no cost to nature’ branded line of consumer products comprising essential dairy and grain products. We are educating consumers, learning about their attitudes, and building on that to extend our product offering.

To enable consumers to choose food with no cost to nature on a wider scale, we see global expansion opportunities in co-branding and in supplying food processors with ingredients that bear the AUGA sustainability mark. Data provided by food manufacturers shows that, when it comes to packaged food, raw materials account for the largest share of emissions, and AUGA has a solution to address that.

Together we can reach net-zero emissions in the whole food production chain.

“AUGA will disrupt the polluting food value chain and empower consumers to make a difference by providing them with the option to choose climate-neutral familiar food.”

Kęstutis Juščius,
Founder and CEO of AUGA Community,
Controlling shareholder of the Europe’s largest organic food producer from field to shelf, AUGA group.

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